Did you know financial modeling is the single most important skill-set for aspiring finance professionals?

Knowing how to model:

  • Enhances your resume & gets you interviews
  • Impresses recruiters with skills hardly anyone else possesses
  • Differentiates you from the competition

DCF - Valuation in the land of fairies & pixie dust

DCF is the valuation method most frequently taught in the classroom and it is considered the “most academic” of the valuation tools. DCF also happens to be the most misleading and falsely accurate met…

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Financial modeling – Why do we need it?

If you’re trying to get into banking, equity research or any number of other competitive finance jobs, you’ve probably heard that you’ll need to learn “how to model.” But what does that really mean?

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Getting the big picture

A common criticism made about new financial analysts is that they “lack judgement” or “don’t see the big picture.” Not good, come bonus time. So what is good judgement & how can you see the big pi…

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Financial Models - Handle with care

Certainly there is merit to the analytical process of financial modeling: combing through public data, interviewing management teams, learning about industry trends and comparing different companies o…

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